Working with emerging designers

August 31, 2018


Jody Tjan is an emerging designer in NYC with a wealth of experience- her approach to fashion is refreshingly elegant and simple: create pieces that aim for timeless style and utility that last, rather than model clothing after disposable trends. The result? Looks that work well with all ages of all times, with subtle adjustments and modifications that keep items fresh and relevant. We decided to use a warmer, medium-contrast lighting setup to not distract too much from the clothing and give a pleasing warm aura to the collection. I was very impressed with our model who somehow has yet to be signed (although I am sure that has changed now). 


I always try to include more time than I need in my schedule so that we can all work at a relaxed, calm, and methodical pace without compromise. As a bonus, we usually have extra time left over for more material. My two favorite pieces of Jody's also had the best names- the spy coat and the undercover sweats. Take a look at some of my favorite images from our shoot below. 

















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March 13, 2018

January 3, 2018

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