Shooting a TV pilot sizzler at Youtube Studios- just another Tuesday in NYC

June 14, 2018

Many of you may know that I have become steadily involved in the development and creative production of 'RUNWAY NEWYORK,' a fictional TV drama centered around the NYC fashion industry. The project blossomed very quickly and spontaneously from a mixture of chance and good timing (for once) at some recent events. It was actually at my recent pop-up studio event with No.3 Magazine in the meatpacking where we were first introduced to the director of the pilot, Roberto Monticello. One thing led to another and not even a month later, No.3 magazine took on the role of executive producers for this new series. Having been heavily involved with No.3 magazine in 2018 with creative and entertainment collaborations, I naturally threw my hat into the ring as hard as I could. My work has always been commercial, editorial, or with private clients, but I have always had a strong draw to the entertainment industry and creating content purely to entice- and what better an opportunity than a show all about my profession? 


We all began meeting every week, gradually making progress on social media, marketing and investment outreach, concept development; heck I even shot my own version of a teaser just to see what we could do. Mark Barnard, founder of No.3 magazine, was luckily able to wrangle together quite a team through his connections- and before we even knew what was happening, we had a 6 hour slot booked at a multi-million dollar studio at YouTube in the meatpacking district. With just two weeks to plan, we all scrambled to put together a team of actors, models, crew, makeup, hair, all without even the slightest idea of what we were going to shoot!


The set was blessed with the presence of Kenn Gray, who along with many other team members, flew in from California to assist us with this massive last-minute undertaking. With his experience and management, Roberto's vision, and a lot of hustling on my and the rest of the team's part, we were able to shoot six complete scenes and somehow finish 10 minutes before our wrap time. The studio and equipment cage spared no expense, providing at our disposal every piece of lighing and camera tech we could possibly need. While I initially was seeking to capture creative stills of  the talent, there ultimately was not enough time to do so between takes and I instead took on leadership with lighting the sets and providing behind-the-scenes coverage. I am now happy to share with you some of those stills, which are hopefully the beginning of an incredible journey into the world of TV.


This entire experience is everything I love about the nature of my work and especially about New York City- the minds you end up meeting and what in turn is created- absolutely incredible.  

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