No.3 Lounge Pop-up Studio Shoot at LUMAS art gallery

Some of my funnest and most creative gigs in NYC thus far have been with the team at No.3 Magazine. Their 'No.3 Lounge' events are becoming particularly popular in the midtown fashion districts. I attended my first-ever No.3 lounge event back in January after just having started my relationship with the company. I had just finished retouching some of their editorial work and they showed their gratitude in part with a free invitation to the party. It was quite a lively event, packed to the brim with almost 400 attendees throughout it's 3 running hours. Tucked away in one of the coolest parts of Chelsea in lower Manhattan, LUMAS art gallery offered two levels of entertainment for guests to enjoy, with art on display/sale on every wall, as well as multiple bars to indulge in all night long. There was even a live art performance where a collage artist put together a piece right in front off everyone's eyes using fragments of No.3's latest print issue.

They decided to really make things interesting at their next lounge party with a live fashion shoot happening right in front of everyone. I assumed the role of the photographer and principally provided the entire studio as well; we learned the hard way that equipment rental is rather impossible on weekends in Manhattan! Luckily I had just moved all of my equipment into the city the night before and so we had everything we needed. There was an entire team of makeup artists, hair-stylists, and of course models working the event. The models not only worked their incredible styles in front of my lens, but also moved in and out of interacting with party guests, dancing with the live DJ, and doing miniature shows throughout the evening.

The makeup and hair stylists were particularly talented and put together some stunning work for me to photograph; some of which has made it's way into my permanent portfolio! We are planning even bigger things for the next No.3 lounge events. Be sure to leave a comment below if you would like me to send you RSVP information on the next one!

Team Credits:

Anna Khachatryan – Creative Director

Frank Withers - Photographer

Payton Holbrook - Hair

Paige Texas – MUA & Hair

Christian Hooker – Artist & Body Painter

Annette Bragas – MUA

Shawn Boone Jr. – Videographer

Dentz Le Magicien – Videographer

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