When a model messages you at 2PM to shoot at 4PM.... (bts video)

You say YES. Turks and Caicos isn't exactly known for a hustling and bustling population of models and these days I will take anything that comes my way to distract me from wedding season! Kelly ended up being a great swimwear model and I could foresee working with her on future projects for swimwear or even fitness. We ended up scheduling TWO shoots, one of which Manu (@Emmanuellevollant.pro) was able to help out on the makeup, both of which churned out some great results.

Given the last minute nature of the first shoot, we did a bit of scrambling to get everything ready in time. For the location I picked Taylor bay, a very calm beach normally known for it's mirror-like sunsets and easy breezes. Of course the one day we came, it was billowing winds and rough water conditions! We did our best to work with it and in the end, the rougher surf gave way to some really cool splash shots.

The 2nd shoot ended up becoming one of my favorite swimwear shoots so far. I had been wanting to shoot swimwear or fashion at Gansevoort ever since I moved here and this was now my chance. Kelly had a few pieces with her that could work for fashion, so we did our best to incorporate those as well as her 2nd swimsuit. We started very early, before 8am to ensure that there were no other guests and optimal light cutting through the property. The pool was really something else- it's unique configuration really allowed a lot of creativity with where we could place Kelly and how we could light her- I'm really happy with everything we turned out from there!

It will take me a while to get through editing all of the fashion shots; the light and wind were perfect this time around and if Kelly didn't have to pack her bags and leave, I think we could have easily kept shooting for another day. So yes we did have to scramble, we had to work fast, but I am very glad I said 'yes' and went through with both of these shoots. See some of the results below and also in the swimwear/fashion sections of my website. BTS videos at the bottom!

Taylor Bay Beach shoot:

Gansevoort resort shoot:

Taylor Bay BTS video:

Gansevoort shoot BTS video:

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