My last Caribbean fashion editorial (bts)

Remember that swimwear shoot with Kelly back in June? That shoot ultimately led to this one; only this time we had plenty of time to plan and do things right. Theresa is a semi-professional model who wanted to do a fashion and swimwear shoot during her brief stay in the Turks and Caicos, as most do when they see just how incredible the beaches are. We ended up collaborating with Hazel & Olive Boutique, a women's clothing store based out of Rockwall, TX. They graciously provided all of the outfits and swimsuits used on our shoot!

Manu ( provided makeup and lighting assist per usual (she is getting quite good at this now) and my friend Romello (@anarje) graciously provided the behind-the-scenes video and stills coverage, as well as assisting in any other way that we needed. We all met a couple days before the shoot to go over the timeline, outfits, and overall goals for the day. This is honestly one of the most critical steps in making sure your shoot goes smoothly and that everyone is on the same page. Things generally move much quicker when we are all on the same mental timeline and understand what needs to be done. It also gives me a chance to pitch any last-minute concepts and to make sure on my end that the lighting and lenses are properly covered for everything we are shooting.

The shoot day went very smoothly for the most part, even if we did have to deal with multiple quick rain showers! We are very familiar with the weather here and knew it would be over quickly, so none of us were really all that worried. Those quick showers were also the perfect time to shoot some additional motion and for Manu to do quick touchups on the makeup. The swimwear set by the pool was probably the most hilarious, where I had to constantly dodge a couple of tourists floating in their donuts in circles, completely oblivious to our set! And of course the donut had to be a bright pink one at that! Disappointingly Romello was courteous enough not to include them in the BTS video :) All of the clothing provided by Hazel and Olive worked great with the settings we were shooting in. Manu's makeup was legendary a always and will save me a lot of headache during my micro-retouching work!

Overall we turned out a TON of images from this shoot- I am still buried in everything from my recent 3-model swimwear shoot at Amanyara so it will take a long time to get these images out, but I am absolutely looking forward to doing so asap!!! In the mean time, check out the BTS stills gallery and BTS video below, as well as a couple retouched shots from one our fashion sets!

BTS video:

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