There's always time for watch photography


I have only just moved back to the USA from Turks and Caicos (honestly it still feels like last week) and thus I am still getting everything situated both personally and professionally. It's left me with plenty of extra time as I wait for my marketing to run it's course and take in the very brief lull before Christmas and New Years; perfect time to use for personal projects! I have some really cool concepts in the works that have more meaning to me but can also have strength in an advertorial context- those will take a bit more effort and time to visualize; so for now I bring to you a little watch shoot I did in my home office. I'd call it a studio but let's face it... this is just my desk.

I recently attended an awesome event sponsored by Phase One in Washington D.C. where several extremely talented photographers shared valuable knowledge and interesting techniques. I decided to try some specialized light-painting on this watch, but also mixing in what I typically do with my studio strobes as well, just to add some diversity in the mix. I will be compositing everything together in Photoshop to put together what is hopefully one beautiful watch image. The watch featured here is a Lacoste "San Diego" with a beautiful rose-gold/chrome contrasting body and a dark blue face with rose-gold accents and a brown distressed leather strap. It was an early Xmas gift from my father, who is an elite gift-giver if there ever was one- at any rate; whenever I come across a beautiful piece like this, even if it's my own personal property and not for a client, I absolutely love to shoot them and add to my portfolio. All the same, I do develop an attachment to my watches (one could say I am obsessed) and it's nice to document in their full glory before they have gone through the gauntlet of my ownership. You can see the rather simple BTS shots below and the ultimate results that follow. I included 100% crops so we can all appreciate just how incredibly sharp this lens/camera system is! Click any of the watch images to check out the rest of my still-life portfolio!

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