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As a native of small town Crofton, MD, I began my career as a professional photographer just before completing my formal art education in the  summer of 2010. Creative work was scarce in MD, so I instead dove headfirst into the high-end wedding and contemporary portrait market. This quickly turned into a full-time career. I spent almost all of my free time working on my fashion and commercial photography books with personally-hired models, stylists, and studios to build experience. In the fall of 2013, I relocated to the Turks and Caicos islands to pursue destination wedding and portrait photography, as well as lucrative commercial opportunities including multiple advertising campaigns for 5 star resorts. Over those four years, my vision and lighting evolved into what it is today, and I was able to gain a myriad of  publications and notoriety on the island.

Excitingly, my reputation began to grow not only in the Caribbean, but also with traveling models looking to shoot swimwear and fashion during their trips to the Turks and Caicos. Throughout this time, rather than hire a retoucher, I always performed all of my own retouching work. Where many photographers find the process tedious, I really think it is essential to be in complete control of this process to deliver my clients the highest level of quality and finesse.

I have had the honor of having much of my work published in dozens of magazines, websites, seen on billboards, and printed in newspapers internationally. I can't wait to continue my work in the USA and beyond, and am ecstatic to call NYC my home, a dream of mine since I was a teenager. I am also avidly passionate about helping other photographers and students that need it, and I am always available to answer questions and take interns of all skill-levels. I am looking forward to working on new commercial projects for 2018 and sharing my passion with new brands and creatives!

In my spare time I enjoy playing piano, DJing house music (yes, I do play publicly), and am a bit of a petrol head. Self-proclaimed middle-shelf gin expert, cheeseburger aficionado and semi-professional nap-taker. 


Medium-format Photographer